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Location of the conference  

The town of Saint-Denis is located in the North of the island, it hosts the international airport Roland Garros at 15 min from downtown, created in 1663, the town harbours a colonial architecture with basalt constructions, an acclimation garden, a sea-side promenade with canons (Le Barachois).

Saint-Denis's center gathers numerous hotels, museums, cinemas, restaurants, coffee places and bakeries, all manageable by walk. With traffic, the transfer between downtown (hotels) to the conference venue at the University will take 15-20 min.

Average annual temperature in Saint-Denis is 24,3°C with annual rainfall aroud 1650 mm. In July, during austral winter temperature varies bewteen 25,2 °C and 18,1 °C.  



La Réunion has one international airport, in Saint-Denis (Roland Garros Airport) and a smaller regional airport in Pierrefonds in the South of the island. 

La Réunion island can be reached through Paris for our colleagues from the Northern hemisphere. Routes through Mauritius and Johannesburg for regional and flights from Southern hemisphere countries can be also chosen as there are regular and frequent flights to La Réunion. 

Travel to La Réunion, approximate prices for return flights, the range of prices depends of the low and high season: 

  • Paris / La Réunion: 670 - 1000 € 
  • Johannesburg / La Réunion: 400- 500€ 
  • Mauritius / La Réunion: 200-300 € 
  • Seychelles / La Réunion: 295 - 500 € 
  • Bangkok / La Réunion: 534 € 
  • Madagascar / La Réunion: 202 €- 400 €


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Event: Island Biology 2019

ID Code: 35276AF

Travel Valid Period: 01/07/2019 to 20/07/2019

Event location: St. Denis de La Réunion

Please visit the event website or access directly through from April 13th 2019

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