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For the logistics of the post conference field trips in La Réunion, Mauritius and Madagascar, we are using the company Madascarenes, based in La Réunion. Nine field trips are proposed for the IB2019 conference.

Only the ones in bold will be accepting more people! 

The company Madascarenes will be at the conference village July 8-9th, if you have any questions on the post conference field trips, you will have the opportunity to discuss with them on site. Payment on site in cash is accepted.

We hope you will enjoy the program!


La Réunion (Mascarenes)

Discover the wild South (15-17 july 2019), 24 people max, 400 € (all inclusive)

Trekking in the Cirque of Mafate (15 - 17 july 2019), 12 people max, 400 € (all inclusive)

Discover the Cirques Cilaos and Salazie by car (15-17 july 2019), 24 people max, 400 € (all inclusive)

The West Coast from the littoral to the summits (15-17 july 2019), 24 people max, 440 € (all inclusive)

High plains and volcano (15-16 july 2019), 24 people max, 280 € (all inclusive)

La Réunion and Mauritius (Mascarenes)

2 days in La Réunion  and 5 days in Mauritius (15-21 july 2019, 24 people max, 1800-2000 €, all inclusive, including flights)


Nosybe/Ankarana/Emerald sea (19-28 july 2019, 9 people max, 1830-2230 €, all inclusive, including flights)

Andasibe, the green corridor (13-20 july 2019, 9 people max, 1680-1830 €, all inclusive, including flights)

Ranomafana/Isalo/Saint-Augustin (19- 28 july 2019, 9 people max, 2230-2380 €, all inclusive, including flights).

Price range indicates shared or single rooms.


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Program of the field trips in pdf.  









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