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Preparation of the Island Biology 2019 conference included as a principle to try to limit environmental impact and waste production as much as possible. Printing is therefore limited to the Conference Guide (file available below), that includes useful practical information and a shortened version of the conference program, and a A4 version of the program that will be distributed to all participants.
We invite our attendants to visit the conference website to find complementary information and download the conference material below.

Conference Material


Book of Abstracts

This document contains the collection of abstracts presented during the conference. In the following order, the different parts of this document concern Plenary sessions, Symposia, Regular sessions, and Poster presentations organized in thematic sections. The last part of the document consists of an author index with the names of all authors and links to the corresponding abstracts.

Download Book of Abstracts IB2019 (16.4 MB)

Note that each abstract is all available online. The reference number points to the online version of the abstract on the conference website using URL, where xxxxxx is the reference of the abstract.

The Book of Abstracts will also be stocked online in the numerical open archives of the University of La Réunion (link), and on the Society of Island Biology (SIB) website.





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