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Important information

 Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline : May 15th 2019 at 23:59 CET

Submit online here :


Notification to proposal submitters : May 30th 2019



What is a workshop ?

A workshop is a 60 to 120 minutes session open to all attendees that allows organizers to share specific knowledge, skills or to build research/conservation projects. Meant to be interactive and directed by one or several organizers, workshops can include group discussions or hands-on training.

Who can submit a workshop proposal ?

Anyone may submit a proposal.

To ensure that the conference is as diverse as possible, individuals may not submit more than two proposals.

Workshop's organizers must register to the conference and pay for the registration fees (official partners may not have to pay the conference's fees, depending on their partnership agreement).


Information needed for proposal submission


Proposals must be submitted through the online form :






150 characters

Titles should be brief and clearly indicate the nature of the workshop. Avoid uncommon acronym.

Lead Organizer

Name, affiliation, and email

This person will be the point of contact for IB2019


Names, affiliations, and emails

IMPORTANT: The proposal submitter is the sole point of contact for all co- presenters.

Objectives and expected outcomes of the workshop

1-3 sentences


Short program description

Minimum 100 characters and 1,500 characters


EXCLUDES the title,

names of presenters, presenters’ affiliations and contact information

Short explanation on how the proposed program fits IB2019

up to 200 words

Submitters must explain why they want to organize this workshop during IB2019

If relevant potential leaders / trainers involved in the animation of the workshop, with a short biography of the leaders / trainers

names, affiliations and emails

Biography up to 200 words


Anticipated maximum number of participants



> 30


Planned duration

60 minutes

90 minutes

120 minutes


Preferred day/time of workshop





Room set-up

Theater Style Chairs are lined up in rows facing a stage or other focal point in the room. No tables are used for the audience.

Classroom style: Long, narrow tables are placed in rows with chairs on one side of the table facing a focal point.

Conference: one table where attendees are seated around all sides. Not recommended for over 20 people

U-Shape: Rectangle tables are placed in a pattern resembling the letter “U”. Chairs are most frequently placed on the outside of the “U. Not recommended for over 30 people

No preference

Associated website address associated with the workshop (if available)



Anticipated equipment needs


(projector, screen or other equipment)

Is the workshop related to another session of IB2019 (regular session, plenary conference, ... ?)

Yes / No

If yes, please indicate which one


Are there any other sessions that you are aware of at the meeting that might pose a conflict to this workshop?





All requests for proposal withdrawal can only be made by the proposal submitter and must be done via email to:

Removal of a workshop proposal from the program schedule cannot be guaranteed if the request is received after June 30th 2019.


Proposal review and Acceptance/Rejection notification

After the proposal submission deadline, completed submission will be peer reviewed by members of the scientific committee.

Incomplete program proposals cannot be processed and will not be reviewed.


IB2019 organizers will notify the submitter of the status of their proposal on May 30th 2019.


It is the proposal submitter’s responsibility to then notify all co-presenters.




Deadline for proposal submission

15 May 2019

Notification of proposal acceptance

30 May 2019

Deadline for organizers/presenters to register for conference

15 June 2019

Notification of scheduling (workshop date and time)

30 June 2019


Need Help?


If you have any questions related to the workshop proposal submission process or IB2019, please contact

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