To allow further constructive thinking during Christma's break and a little beyond, the deadline for abstract submission has been postponed to the 15th of February 2019. We also slighlty changed the abstract submission procedure to allow contributors to upload a figure file illustrating a major aspect of the study. Note that this is not mandatory and will serve illustrative purpose only. The legend for the figure should be included directly in the file.
Payment options are now configured and available after registration has been completed. Payment can be made upon registration of later.
We are delighted to announce that the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations is now open for the third "Island Biology" conference on island ecology, evolution and conservation. Please find the instructions for abstract preparation on the page "Guideline for authors". Abstracts can be sublmitted via the Submission page. Please also note the deadline for abstract submission : 12/20/2018.
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